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Are Your Pavers...



Pavers take a beating from traffic, vehicles, and exposure to the elements, causing a once beautiful installation to look terrible. Our cleaning and sealing procedure will restore their natural beauty.



Continual traffic can cause your pavers to become loose over time, with some sinking from improper weight distribution. We can repair them and add stabilizing sand to correct this.



Over time exposure to the intense heat and rays of the sun causes significant fading of your paver colors. Sealing your pavers properly prolongs their natural color.



Many pavers are sealed with xylene-based sealers that trap the moisture. It will make the pavers look white or milky, and needs to be stripped.

Then they need to be restored!

Our restoration process begins with

Stripping off old sealer

Stripping off old sealer is a critical step in restoring your pavers. When pavers aren’t properly stripped, any new sealer applied will fail within 6-12 months. Our stripping process is proven to get fantastic results. Our stripping process includes:

Next we use the industry's best equipment to

Clean your pavers

Once your pavers are stripped we clean them with the very best products by Trident. This process ensures the removal of any living organisms on your pavers such as mold and weeds. Our cleaning process includes:

Then we strengthen your pavers by

Adding Joint Stabilizing Sand

Once your pavers are dried from our stripping and sealing process we will sand the joints. We use an industry best joint stabilizing sand by Trident. This ensures your pavers lock together to help prevent loose pavers in the future. Our sanding process includes:

Lastly we seal them with the industry's best

Color enhancing sealer

We use the industry’s best sealer, Trident Hurricane CAT 5. This sealer is a 2-part sealer designed to enhance natural color, provide durable surface protection, harden joint sand to prevent washout, and introduce anti-fungal benefits that protect the sealer film from mold, moss and algae. Our sealing process includes:

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Mike and the crew at Paver Perfection are fantastic! I'm extremely pleased with the work they do!
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Excellent work, excellent crew! Highly Recommended!
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You won't find a company that does higher quality work than Paver Perfection. They restore pavers and bring new life back to them.

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We'll Make Your Pavers Look Great Again!

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